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Listen to the emter family 3rd Generation

This is one of the songs on the above 2018 Music DVD

Emter Family 3rd generation Gig fees

The Emter Family 3rd Generation will be available to perform one hour shows starting 2019.

The gig fee is $1000.00 and $1/mile from Steele, ND

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Accordion Sales

Strasser Deluxe model

Call Roger for all accordion sales! 701-426-8596

 We have been the Strasser Accordion Company factory direct US dealer since 1995.  The Classic Range includes the six models we sell most here in the US.  Prices range from $3,000 to $6,000. Many colors and tunings are available.  Click on the button below and browse the Strasser website.  We can answer all your questions via email or phone.

We have a big selection of used accordions in stock that can ship next day. New factory ordered accordions ship in 3 to 6 weeks.  All accordions are shipped free (lower 48 states) and insured.

Strasser Accordion Company


Learning to play the accordion with Tutorials

We can help you choose the right accordion to get you started quickly.

Our tutorials are mastered for the traditional tuned 4-row in the keys GCFBb.

Learn to play the button accordion quickly with audio & video DVD tutorials. Our tutorials are done by Emter Family professional accordionists simplified for all beginners.

Tutorial DVD's are free with every accordion purchase and can also be purchased using the order form above.

Sheet music is supplied along with the tutorial DVD.

We have an additional 40 songs on sheet music for both beginners and intermediate accordionists. Call 701-426-8596

Accordion Tutorial

This is a short version of the above tutorial for the 4-row button accordion. The full version is 25 minutes in length and is a complete lesson in learning to play the accordion using slow motion video, audio, and sheet music. Please see the order form above to purchase the full version accordion tutorial.

Learn to play the accordion with one-on-one lessons via Skype or FaceTime

We recommend you starting with the above tutorial first. If you feel you need one-on-one instruction we can arrange an appointment with you using Skype or FaceTime. 

For more information call: 701-426-8596

This is one of the songs on the above 2003 Polka Hits CD

Emter Family 2003 Polka Hits CD

Track 1 - La Ti Do Polka

About Us

The Emter Family on stage

The Emter Family started performing in 1990.  Since then they have performed over 2500 shows throughout 25 states and Canada. The four Emter children have all married and the family now includes 14 Emter grandchildren.  Most of the Emter grandchildren have begun taking music lessons and enjoy performing with their parents and Grandma and Grandpa Emter!  Emter Family shows include a mix of old-time, gospel, patriotic, and Christmas songs. Treat yourself, your family, and your friends to one of America's finest family shows.

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Emter Family

140 Moset Lane, Steele, ND 58482, US

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